about me


I feel that reptiles have dominated my life since the age of 13. After I was allowed to gain experience with various species of geckos over the years, I today mainly focus on animals of the genus Phelsuma. Although in some cases I have had up to 150 geckos in my possession, I appreciate both the enormous variation within the genus in terms of its appearance and the individual character of each individual animal. Since I have had great breeding success with my Phelsuma, I have made it my mission, to produce healthy offspring and thereby, to contribute to the education in animal welfare and preservation of species in captivity. 

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to my passion. However I decided not to give much information about captive care and breeding. I am a member of the Interessengruppe Phelsuma. In order to promote this great group, I would like to refer to their website,  which provides all the information needed for a successful husbandry of all species in the genus Phelsuma. Please consider visiting www.ig-phelsuma.de first before asking questions. Yet, if you miss any information you are looking for, fell free to contact me. 

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